Error InvalidIdentityAccountId when submitting an Order


When submitting an Order using identity_id and identity_account_id, the API returns an InvalidIdentityAccountId error.

Root cause

The given Identity is unauthorized to trade on behalf of the Account, resulting in a 400 error.


Using the REST API, ensure the Account is authorized to trade on behalf of the Identity by doing one of the following:

  • Replace the Identity with an Identity authorized to trade using the Account and resubmit the Order.
  • Update the Account to authorize the Identity to trade and resubmit the Order.

REST error example

The following Order returns a 400 InvalidIdentityAccountId error:

Request Example:


Response Example:

"title":"Bad Request",


FIX error example

The New Order message with tag 50 for Identity ID and 5047 for Account ID returns an error:

Request Example:

8=FIX.4.2 9=0339 35=D 49=CUSTOMER 56=ITBIT 34=00629198 52=20220224-13:54:17.581 
50=9da8edac-e13d-4f10-8148-fab9d9a964ca 5047=a8e2c6ef-a2d3-49c7-83bd-46c2e788bc91

If the Account doesn't belong to this Identity or is unauthorized by this Account, InvalidIdentityAccountId is reported in the response:

Response Example:

8=FIX.4.2 9=0471 35=8 49=ITBIT 56=CUSTOMER 34=1109903 52=20220224-13:54:17 
50=9da8edac-e13d-4f10-8148-fab9d9a964ca 5047=a8e2c6ef-a2d3-49c7-83bd-46c2e788bc91
151=0 150=8 60=20220224-13:54:17.606 59=6 58=InvalidIdentityAccountId ...

This indicates that Identity 9da8edac-e13d-4f10-8148-fab9d9a964ca is not present as a member of Account a8e2c6ef-a2d3-49c7-83bd-46c2e788bc91.


Error resolution

To enable trading for both REST and FIX, add the authorized Identity `identity_id` as an Account member using the Update Account REST API. 

Note:  The PUT request must provide the list of all members, not just new members. Otherwise existing members will be removed from the Account.

Use a PUT request to the Update Account REST API:

  "account": {
    "id": "a8e2c6ef-a2d3-49c7-83bd-46c2e788bc91",
    "members": [ {
      "identity_id": "9da8edac-e13d-4f10-8148-fab9d9a964ca",
      "roles": ["AUTHORIZED_USER"]






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