Paxos Update on Ethereum Testnet

Paxos is enabling access to the Sepolia testnet and discontinuing Goerli testnet support in the Paxos Sandbox environment on December 18, 2023.

What is Goerli?

Goerli is a testnet used to enable developers to test Ethereum functionality in an environment where tokens do not have any value. Paxos currently uses Goerli to enable customers to test Paxos platform functionality for deposits and withdrawals of Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens in the Paxos Sandbox environment. 

What is Sepolia?

Sepolia is a testnet used to enable developers to test Ethereum functionality in an environment where tokens do not have any value. It is one of the new testnets being adopted by the Ethereum community.

What is happening to Goerli?

Network participants are in the process of winding down support for the Goerli Ethereum testnet and transitioning to the use of other testnets.

How will Paxos support crypto deposit and withdrawal testing?

Paxos has integrated its Sandbox environment with Sepolia. We will enable the Sepolia connection for customer use and testing and discontinue Goerli support on December 18, 2023. We ask that you pause your testing of crypto deposits and withdrawals in the Paxos Sandbox environment during the switchover process, which is expected to take the full day. Crypto transfer activity made during this time may encounter errors or not be processed.

How does the change to Sepolia impact my testing?

  • Paxos platform balances: the change to Sepolia will not affect any balances you hold on platform with Paxos. 
  • External wallet balances: external wallet balances acquired via withdrawals from Paxos or from Goerli faucets can no longer be used with the Paxos Sandbox environment. Deposits to Paxos of tokens on the Goerli network will not be credited to your account. 
  • External wallet configuration: developers must update their Ethereum wallets in order to test deposits and withdrawals to/from Paxos using the Sepolia testnet. 
  • Blockchain explorer: developers should use to search for test transactions. 


Updating MetaMask

  1. Switch network from Goerli to Sepolia, by clicking the network tab in the upper left hand corner of the wallet UI.

  1. Select Sepolia from the test network list.

  1. Click Import tokens on the bottom of the page to import the ERC-20 tokens you want to test with. A full list of the token contracts used by Paxos is presented at the end of this document.

  1. Import the ERC-20 token contracts that you want to use with your wallet.


Sepolia Token Contract Listing

  • AAVE 0x14b038c4417fcc0da9fbb60b8295f81e72ab0ff0
  • BUSD 0xfc103cf803414c1c9e19398a0150fbee189eb893
  • LINK 0xde6afa8fb71b8527076a2a2bfce95883e07b0d75
  • MATIC 0xadf72a50c6f40d805615802303519baa77d7862e
  • PAXG 0xe0d215bc63580325794d858c9c49f61e77704501
  • PYUSD 0xcac524bca292aaade2df8a05cc58f0a65b1b3bb9
  • UNI 0x9982c6fd5f630f5f4c83392c5006776a053c160a
  • USDP 0x513421d7fb6a74ae51f3812826aa2db99a68f2c9

*These contracts will not be usable for testing with the Paxos sandbox environment until the change from Goerli to Sepolia has been completed.

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