FAQ: What happens after a downtime?


We have created a Post-only window to ensure market health following any downtime. During this time period, users may cancel existing orders and submit maker orders. However, any marketable order (e.g., market and taker limit orders) submitted to the exchange will be rejected. HRQ service will be unaffected.


The current default window will be 10 minutes following downtime. This duration is subject to change.

Benefits of implementing this window include:

  • Allows market participants to adjust positions in the event the prevailing market price for a given asset has moved during the downtime
  • Improves liquidity continuity coming out of any downtime

Qualifying events initiating a Passive Post-only window

  • Planned maintenance
  • Exchange restart
  • Unplanned downtime or as otherwise necessary to main platform stability


Please contact connectivity@paxos.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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